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With company headquarter located in Taipei, Taiwan, Laster tech Group is established in 1999 and is a LED-related product production and distribution company with vertical integration from upstream LED chip to applicable LED products.

Sweeo LED Lighting is a LED lighting business integration invested by Laster tech Group with focus on the development of various long-lasting and energy-saving lighting products suitable for outdoor public facilities and indoor offices based on expertise knowledge on LED characteristics. The company’s development technology primarily originates from the U.S. and Europe with company development headquarter established in Taipei, Taiwan. Production points are distributed in Taiwan’s Tainan County, Mainland China’s Guangdong Province and Shanghai City, Soochow, Chongqing with primary markets in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and America.

We have a rich variety of LED lighting designs and developments, experience in production and quality control and produce our products in the same manner as producing automobile and firearms to ensure our products match international standards.

Laster tech Group is confident in providing the fastest service in solving customer’s complex and professional technical problems as well as acquiring customer trust with our expert team.
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